Cassatieadvocaat Katrien van Stratum

Divorce mediator
Lawyer Supreme Court litigation

C.G.A. (Katrien) van Stratum

Katrien van Stratum is an experienced family law lawyer and mediator at SmeetsGijbels. She advises clients in complex divorce cases and provides assistance to many entrepreneurs and expats. She has a particular affinity with the financial aspects of divorce. She makes every effort to reach durable solutions for her clients. As one of the few lawyers who specialises in family law, Katrien also assists clients in Supreme Court proceedings and is registered unconditionally on the list of members of the bar of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Katrien has strongly developed analytic abilities and has excellent knowledge of civil-law procedures.

Katrien completed her degree in Dutch law at Tilburg University in 2005. During her studies, she worked as the senior judicial assistant at the ’s-Hertogenbosch District Court. Katrien has been working as a lawyer since August 2006, first at Verhoeff Slingenberg in The Hague, and from 2009 at Delissen Martens in the same city, from which firm she made the move to SmeetsGijbels. From the very start, she has specialised in family law.

Katrien is a member of the ‘Nederlandse vereniging Familie- en erfrecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators’ (vFAS), and as a certified register mediator, is affiliated to the ‘Mediator Federatie Nederland’ (MFN). She is also a member of the ‘Vereniging voor Civiele Cassatieadvocaten’ (VCCA) and the ‘Nederlandse Vereniging voor Procesrecht’. She regularly delivers lectures on her field.

Katrien van Stratum has a listing in the Netherlands Bar register for the following principal and secondary fields of law:

  • • Personal and family law (divorce, alimony, visitation rights, international private law, mediation, parentage, and legitimation)
  • Supreme Court (civil)

A condition of her registration is that, every calendar year, she is obliged to obtain ten training points for each of the main fields of law for which she is listed, in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar.

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