Eveline C.C. Klarus-Blomjous

vFAS advocaat-mediator

Eveline C.C. Klarus-Blomjous

Eveline Klarus-Blomjous specialises in many areas of family law. Eveline has an eye for practical solutions, but is prepared to litigate if necessary, doing so skilfully and vigorously. She develops her strategy in consultation with her client, whose interests are the key priority. In recent years, Eveline has specialised further in inheritance law. She completed the specialised training in Inheritance Law provided by the vFAS with honours.

Eveline graduated from Leiden University in 2010, obtaining Bachelor’s degrees in Dutch Law and Notarial Law, and a Master’s degree in Civil Law. While still a student, Eveline gained experience of the legal profession at the offices of Boekel and RWV Advocaten. After her studies, Eveline started working at RWV Advocaten as a trainee lawyer. In April 2018, she moved to SmeetsGijbels in order to be able to focus more on inheritance law, in addition to family law.

Eveline is the editor of JERF Actueel and editor-in-chief of Commentaar Erfrecht. In addition, Eveline provides courses and workshops in the area of inheritance law for accountants, tax consultants, and lawyers, among others.

Eveline is a member of the ‘Nederlandse vereniging Familie- en erfrecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators’ (vFAS) and of the ‘Vereniging Erfrecht Advocaten Nederland’ (VEAN).

Eveline Klarus-Blomjous has a listing in the Netherlands Bar register for the following principal and secondary fields of law:

  • Personal and family law (divorce, alimony, visitation rights, international private law, mediation, parentage, and legitimation)
  • Inheritance law

A condition of her registration is that, every calendar year, she is required to obtain ten study credits for each of the main fields of law for which she is listed, in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar.

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