H.C. (Corine) van Vuren

Corine van Vuren has 15 years’ experience of the legal profession. She has assisted many entrepreneurs and their companies in particular. This has involved not just business-related disputes, but also divorces, the distribution of assets, and visitation rights. Corine very much enjoys achieving outstanding results through negotiations. Her aim is to arrive at a win-win situation as much as possible in order to secure a solution that is future-proof. If it comes to court, she assists her clients expertly and with passion. In doing so, she derives her strength from her creativity combined with clear analysis.

Corine completed her degree in Dutch law at Utrecht University in 2004. She then started work as a lawyer. For the next 15 years she worked for Lamsma Veldstra & Lobé Advocaten in Rotterdam in contract law, corporate law, employment law, and family and inheritance law, before moving to SmeetsGijbels on 1 July 2019. Corine will continue to expand her personal and family law activities at SmeetsGijbels.

Corine has been a prospective member of the ‘Nederlandse vereniging Familie- en erfrecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators’ (vFAS) since March 2020. Corine’s social involvement includes her position as secretary of the board of the ‘Stichting Present Rotterdam’ foundation. She is also a member of the Participation Council of Koninklijke Auris Groep in Rotterdam and of the Alblasserwaard Rotary Club.

Corine van Vuren has a listing in the Netherlands Bar register for the following principal fields of law:

  • Personal and family law

A condition of her registration is that, every calendar year, she is obliged to obtain ten training points for each of the main fields of law for which she is listed, in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar.

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