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About us

SmeetsGijbels is firm of lawyers operating throughout the Netherlands and internationally that specialises in family and inheritance law. We enjoy a good reputation on account of our effective approach to complex cases and of the sound and discreet way in which we operate. Specialising in every aspect of family and inheritance law, we are able to use our expertise to achieve the desired result in every situation.

Specialists in family cases

Matters that were once routinely discussed and resolved within families can take on a whole new meaning if circumstances change. All too often, people stop talking to each other, partners drift apart, and they find themselves as unwilling participants in far-reaching legal proceedings. What is needed in this type of situation is specialists with knowledge of alimony, the division of assets, equalisation of pensions, and matters relating to the children. Such expertise is sometimes also necessary in such aspects as inheritance, a will, or the distribution of a legacy.

From impotence to strength

Finding a lawyer is easy. Standing your ground. Litigation seems to be the solution. If the situation really has reached that stage, we know how to seek redress. With dedication and our proven international expertise, we invest our efforts on behalf of entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and high-net-worth individuals.

On the other hand, though, is litigation really right for your case? As lawyers and mediators, we prefer to examine beforehand – with you – whether this is the appropriate course of action. We are committed to achieving the best-possible outcome and help you turn your situation around, from one of impotence to one of strength. We do so with empathy and support, adding our specialist legal knowledge as necessary.

Care to know more?

Family and inheritance law are sensitive subjects that often involve strong emotions. Matters that once seemed routine can take on a new significance as a result of all kinds of events, causing a breakdown in communications and thrusting the parties involved into far-reaching and invasive legal proceedings. SmeetsGijbels advises its clients on what route to take. We do so with empathy and support, adding our specialist legal knowledge as necessary.

Care to know more? Our lawyers and mediators are ready to help you. Obviously, we guarantee complete confidentiality.


Find out more about our lawyers and mediators in family law and inheritance law in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. They can advise you on what decisions to take.