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The mediator

The mediator is a neutral party. He or she does not act on behalf of one of the parties, but attempts to get them to reach agreement together. A mediator is not a kind of judge who issues rulings if the parties are unable to reach agreement. He or she simply tries to keep the two parties talking to each other and to get them to reach agreement on the settlement of the estate, or other type of dispute. As well as the mediator’s knowledge of mediation, his or her legal knowledge can be very helpful in finding and reaching solutions.

Estate mediation

Inheritance lends itself very well to mediation. Inheritance disputes often have underlying emotional or other causes. Because the legatees are often family members, they prefer not to end up going to court. For this and other reasons, amicable settlements in inheritance law cases are to be preferred above a court ruling. Mediation is therefore an ideal method for reaching a settlement.

During estate mediation, our mediators devote a great deal of attention to the underlying problems and relationships between the parties. In doing so, they will attempt as much as possible to achieve a satisfactory settlement of the estate in consultation with all the legatees.

If your situation does not lend itself to mediation, we can assist you in the process towards court proceedings.

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Family and inheritance law are sensitive subjects that often involve strong emotions. Matters that once seemed routine can take on a new significance as a result of all kinds of events, causing a breakdown in communications and thrusting the parties involved into far-reaching and invasive legal proceedings. SmeetsGijbels advises its clients on what route to take. We do so with empathy and support, adding our specialist legal knowledge as necessary.

Care to know more? Our lawyers and mediators are ready to help you. Obviously, we guarantee complete confidentiality.

Inheritance law

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