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International inheritance law

Estates are becoming more and more international in character due to the increase in travel all over the world and the acquisition of objects of value or emotional value in different countries. If a testator leaves property in different countries, the result may be that different legal systems criss-cross each other. If he or she dies outside the Netherlands, but still has immovable property in the country, the laws of two countries quickly come into play.

Thanks to their extensive international network, the inheritance law lawyers at SmeetsGijbels have a unique international practice when it comes to collaboration in inheritance matters. This means that even complex international cases can be resolved, with the help of the relevant knowledge.

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Family and inheritance law are sensitive subjects that often involve strong emotions. Matters that once seemed routine can take on a new significance as a result of all kinds of events, causing a breakdown in communications and thrusting the parties involved into far-reaching and invasive legal proceedings. SmeetsGijbels advises its clients on what route to take. We do so with empathy and support, adding our specialist legal knowledge as necessary.

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Inheritance law

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